Polka Lamps

Polka LAMPs

Polka Lamps, named so after their colourful domes, are a series of small playful, concealed lights for the home. Utilising bright LED lamps, the fun friendly spots are ready to brighten any room. Polka Table Lamp, the most versatile of the family, happily peers down over your desk or table but, with a twist of a butterfly nut, is just as comfortable vertically uplighting a wall. 

Polka Mouse Lamp is perfect for lighting a specific object or space. Small, compact and full of character, this little creature points upwards at 45 degrees spreading light over wherever you point him. Polka Drop is a plugged pendant lamp. With ample cable, it’s ready to be hung wherever needed. All concealed, in candy colours these little drops will brighten up any room. Full of character without the bright colour the series is also available in brushed brass and black finish and with a walnut base. 

Product not currently in production: to discus this range please contact me here.